Happy Dog Play School

*New* Whole Dog Enrichment Program

New for 2018

Happy Dog Play School is a new complement to traditional daycare. Play School is designed to meet dogs’ physical, mental, and emotional needs in a fun, engaging, "paws on" way. Play School focuses on whole dog health and happiness, with specialized small group and private activities promoting exercise and wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Each day’s activities are based on 7 categories: 5 senses, brain work, fit play, skills focus, positive socialization, comfort care, and rest. Play School includes the daily activity special and lunch & learn activity as well.

This program is designed to work for all ages, breeds, physical abilities, and personalities of dogs due to the flexibility of the activities — including for dogs that are not a good fit for traditional daycare such as rambunctious dogs, senior dogs, and nervous dogs.

At Dogs On The Farm we believe that just like with people dogs have a hierarchy of needs. Between doggie daycare and a loving home environment most dogs have a lot of their needs met, especially physiological and social needs. Happy Dog Play School can help fill in the blanks with enrichment activities designed to meet all a dogs’ needs.

There are a limited number of slots available to participate in Play School so please book your dog's spot in advance.

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Dog Hierarchy of Needs

Physiological Requirements

(most basic level)

  • Good Food
  • Fresh Water
  • Veterinary Care
  • Safe Grooming
  • Shelter
  • Temperature Control
  • Proper Exercise

Emotional Well-Being

(second level)

  • Feel Safe
  • Feel Loved
  • Have Consistency
  • Have Trust In Their People
  • Have Good Leadeship

Positive Socialization

(third level)

  • Bond And Play With People And Dogs

Behavior Management

(fourth level)

  • Positive Learning/Training
  • Skills Training
  • Communication Training

Occupation Needs

(fifth level)

  • Problem Solving
  • Choice
  • Work
  • Change

Senior Dog Care

Slower Paced Daycare for Special Needs Dogs

Happy Dog Play School "Senior Class"

While options have always been available at Dogs On The Farm for senior dogs and dogs with special needs, beginning services appropriate for older dogs are now consolidated into a full day of specialized care. This will be part of our new Happy Dog Play School "Senior Class."

Senior dogs will not be integrated into a large group of active dogs. Instead they will alternate between low key small group socialization, private activity, rest time, snack time, and cuddle time. All areas will be warm with soft surfaces, and activities will focus on senior needs.

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