Dog Training in Fair Haven, Middletown, Monmouth County NJ

All training at Dogs On The Farm & Cats Too uses positive reinforcement to reach our goal of improving your dog's listening skills and creating a foundation of good habits to make them an even better member of your family.

Learn & Stay Training Program (Boarding Training)

If you are frustrated with your dog's listening skills and want to create a foundation of good habits, Learn & Stay boarding may be a good choice for you and your dog - especially if you are already planning a vacation.

Mind Your Manners: a 2-week program designed to introduce & reinforce basic obedience skills. Learn & Stay training includes an initial meeting with a trainer to discuss training goals, daily training sessions, an email update mid-program, and a follow up private training session. Training dogs will stay in a Signature Stable Suite and have 2 Farm Walks and a TLC Tuck In daily. $2,367.00 for 2 weeks.

Learn & Stay by Day

Mind Your Manners: a 4-week program, 3 days a week. As with boarding training, Learn & Stay by Day includes a pre-training meeting to discuss training goals, weekday training sessions, a mid-session email update, and a follow up private training session. Dogs can check in from 7am-10am and pick up from 4pm-7pm. $1,913.00 for 4 weeks, 3 days per week.

Learn & Stay by Day Mini Refresher Training

Daycare dogs not interested in a commitment but looking for some reinforcement of skills can sign up for a Mini Refresher Training Session. 15 minute session working on basic obedience skill of your choice. $20 per session.

Private Training

Private training focuses on your dog's specific training needs. The first meeting will focus on training goals and introductions, then lessons will be scheduled according to your schedule and the trainer's schedule in order to meet those goals. All training will be done using positive reinforcement with your participation, so you learn as you teach your dog. First meeting $220, then $110 for all additional meetings.

Group Classes

Dogs On The Farm offers training classes at the Farm, with different options available. Obedience, Puppy Kindergarten, Canine Good Citizen, as well as specialty classes great for having fun, bonding with your dog, and picking up some new skills. Contact the Dogs On The Farm office for current class schedules. $220/6 weeks.

Enrichment Boarding and Daycare

Enrichment for dogs is not training but it incorporates training as well as other mental, physical, and social experiences that enrich a dog's life. For more information on enrichment, visit our lodging or daycare page.

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