Baths & More

Got a stinky pup? Are you starting to hear the tap tap tap of dog nails on your hardwood floors?

Avoid the mess and hassle at home and bring your dog in for a wash or other salon service. Services are available by appointment or during boarding or day stay.  

* Breed restrictions apply for daycare, call for details.

Grooming Packages

Dog Wash

Your dog will come home smelling fresh and clean after a shampoo, rinse, and dry plus blueberry facial scrub. $35


Deluxe Dog Wash

Includes Dog Wash services plus nail clip and file, ear cleaning, and coat brush. $75.00

Daycare Bath Packages

  • Half Day Daycare Plus Dog Wash - $56.50 (morning daycare, pick up at 2pm-3pm following wash or afternoon daycare, pick up 6pm-7pm following wash)

  • Full Day Daycare Plus Dog Wash - $69.00 (full day daycare, pick up 6pm-7pm following wash)


Additional Services

  • Nail Clip & File: $25.00
  • Ear Cleaning: $16.00
  • Tootbrush: $16.00
  • Coat Brush: $20.00 - $40.00

Office Hours

monday - friday
7a - 4p
9a - 4p
9a - 1p
(closed daily 1p–2p)

Daycare Hours

monday - friday
7a - 7p
9a - 7p
9a - 7p
(closed daily 1p–2p)

1 /2 Day Daycare

monday - friday
7a - 1p or 2p - 7p
saturday - sunday
9a - 1p or 2p - 7p

Our Location

790 King Hwy East
Atlantic Highlands, NJ , 07716
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