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January is Train your Dog Month, and at Dogs On The Farm we believe a well-trained dog makes a happy dog and a happy dog makes a happy family. Training gives dogs mental stimulation, confidence, and a closer connection to their owner, reducing negative behaviors and anxiety.

Whether group classes, private training, residency training, or at-home training is the best fit for you and your dog, it is important that dogs know and maintain at least their basic commands.

Training doesn’t have to be boring – make maintaining your dog’s skills fun with reinforcement games at home! The whole family can participate, so why not have the kids join in?

Training Games to Play at Home

Hide and Seek

Practices Sit, Stay, and Come

Have your dog sit and stay while you hide. Once hidden, call him with the “come” command. When he finds you, give him praise and petting, even a small treat. Good job!

Monkey in the Middle

Practices Come

Two people stand close to each other with a handful of small treats. The first person should call “come”, and reward the dog when he comes. Then the other person should call “come”, followed by reward. Then each person should take a step back and the first person should again call the dog. Alternate with growing distance in between as the dog goes back and forth until the dog is crisscrossing the room.

*Tip: Training treats can be very small! Pea-sized treats will keep your dog’s interest and reward him without adding to his waistline.

Check out our training classes this month:

Orientation for all Classes 1/12/16 7:30pm

To enroll please call or email (732)872-7543

Basic Obedience Class (6 week class)

  • Tuesday evenings, 7:30-8:30, starting January 19
  • Wednesday afternoons,12:00-1:00, starting January 20

Teach your dog all the commands he or she needs to be the best dog that they can be! Advance through all levels to make your dog ready for CGC certification (Canine Good Citizenship)

Agility for Fun

  • Wednesday evenings, 7:30-8:30, starting January 20

Fun is the name of the game! Fun for you and your dog alike. Test your dog’s agility skills and have a great time getting exercise with your dog!

Sniff n’ Seek

  • Thursday evenings, 7:30-8:30, starting January 21

Teach your dog to help you find those lost keys of yours! Your dog will learn some great scent games and have a great time doing it in this enriching class!

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