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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and dogs everywhere are drooling in anticipation of delicious table-side snacks from visiting guests.  Unfortunately some of those surreptitious snacks can lead to upset stomachs or emergency vet trips, but by following a few basic rules your dog can still enjoy the holiday meal safely.

Foods to avoid feeding your dog on Thanksgiving include raw turkey, cooked turkey bones, onions, herbs, chocolate, raw bread dough, or any excessively fatty food like turkey skin.  Also, watch food wrappings and garbages carefully as they are very tempting for dogs when the people are distracted.  For a full list of foods to avoid, check out this information from the ASPCA.  And don’t forget about your cat! Although more likely to hide from the hustle and bustle, cats can also get in trouble on Thanksgiving.

Some safe (and delicious) Thanksgiving foods your dog can enjoy guilt-free in limited amounts include cooked, boneless, white meat turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and vegetables like carrots or green beans. You can even prepare a Thanksgiving meal especially for your dog if you want him to really live it up!

Make sure that guests understand what your dog is allowed to eat. If you think your guests won’t be able to resist those puppy eyes, it may be safer to keep your dog in a secure back yard, a separate room, or his crate until the meal is cleaned up.

For more dog Thanksgiving tips, check out this website.

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