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Notice to our lovely clients:
January 31 update: Most of the insulation and ceiling/wall renovation is finished in our indoor arena.  This week we will be having a construction break, with some finishing touches the following week.  Almost the entire indoor play area (and all of the indoor/outdoor annex) is re-opened for play, with only a small section in the front fenced off to protect the remaining construction equipment.  
The next step in our project will be the installation of the new HVAC system, which we are very excited about.  We expect to begin on that within a couple weeks, possibly sooner, and the install itself should be done quickly, with minimal impact on the play space.  
Following the HVAC system install, the new outdoor play yard will be next! We are looking forward to enjoying the new play space by the early days of spring. 
Thanks for your patience – We can’t wait to show off the new space!
We are undergoing some great new renovations in our indoor arena. Due to the construction, some of the views from the webcams may be obstructed. Apologies for any inconvenience. We will continue to upload pictures and videos to our Facebook and our website. Stay tuned 🙂

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